Working With a Client in Crisis

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  • Do you know when your client is in a real crisis? Maybe you can tell that something isn?t going well as you coach your client, but you don?t know what it is. Or, they promise an action, but session after session fail to keep the promise. You might even notice that they seem anxious, frustrated, angry, or sad for no apparent reason.

    It could be that your client is suffering with a crises reaction…whether they know it or not!

    A crisis is often caused by a loss, threat of loss, or other situation over which the client feels they have no control. It usually follows a definite course, from beginning to end. During this time the person is vulnerable to conditions that will improve …or diminish… their long term ability to cope with stress.

    Join Clinical Psychologist and Master Certified Coach Maria Nemeth in a webinar that takes you “behind the psychological curtain” to discover the anatomy of a crisis reaction: signs, symptoms, and what to do….and not do, when you suspect your client is suffering with this reaction!

    You will learn the following:

    • The definite phases of a crisis reaction: including possible causes, when coaching may be useful and when coaching may actually hinder a client’s progress.
    • Questions that can help you discover if your client is in crisis.
    • One clear approach to working with clients who suffer from addictions.
    • When to coach , and when to refer.
    • Resources every coach should have at hand to provide valuable service to clients.

    You will be given definite tools that you can use to make everyone’s life easier…including your own….while assisting the client in crisis.

    This webinar offers 4 Core Competency Units of Continuing Coach Education

    Online: Tuesday and Thursday, December 1 & 3, 2015 at 9 am Pacific 4 CCE s

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