ATD2017 Atlanta Kongresinden paylaşımlar ..

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  • 2017 ATD Kongresine katılım bu sene de yoğun oldu ; 400 fuar katılımcısı konusunda uzman firma ;  10 bin katılımcı  ve 400 konuşmacı ve 300 den fazla panelle gerçekleşen kongrede ana oturum kouşmacıları NASA dan belirlenmişti.

    Bu senenin güncel yeni konusu 'mikro öğrenme' idi; bu konuda pek çok panel vardı.Tercihimiz IBM in kendi için global olarak geliştirdiği gerçek vakayı dinlemek oldu.

    Bu panelin detaylarına linke ( tıklayarak ulaşabilirsiniz.

    Neler Öğrendik?

    • Ülke katılımcıları bir arada olmaya ve bayrak fotoğraflarına geleneksel olarak devam etti
    • Türkiye den katılan 27 danışman vardı.
    • Her bir oturum arasında min 10 dakika 2 km mesafe olabiliyordu.
    • Aralarda uzun kahve kuyrukları kaçınılmazdı.
    • Her bir 'konuya' ait uygulamalı öğrenmenin önemini anladık.
    • Mobil öğrenmenin ne kadar fazla arttığını gördük.
    • Koçluk mentorluk gene en çok yararlanılan gelişim araçları oldu.
    • Eğitim desenleme teknikleri pek de değişmemişti.
    • ATD programı ve günlük takibi içeren bir App ile destek verdi katılımcılarına...
    • Günlük girişlerde panel olarak yapılabiliyordu.
    • Kongre öncesi pek çok serfika programı yer aldı.

    ana oturumlar:

    Captains Mark and Scott Kelly

    Highly Decorated NASA Astronauts and Retired U.S. Navy Captains

    Heroes who exemplify courage, leadership, and sacrifice, Captains Mark and Scott Kelly, American astronauts and identical twin brothers, have secured their place in history, laying the groundwork for the future of space travel and exploration.

    With careers as remarkable as they are similar, the Kelly brothers served in the U.S. Navy, retiring as experienced aviators and decorated captains prior to starting their illustrious careers with NASA in 1996.

    Now retired after 15 years with NASA, Mark spent more than 50 days in space and commanded both the space shuttle Endeavour, including its final flight in 2011, and space shuttle Discovery. He is one of only two individuals who have visited the International Space Station on four different occasions.

    As America's first year-round astronaut, Scott’s record-breaking year in space spanned from March 2015 to March 2016, during which he and Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko captivated the world with live interviews and never-seen-before photos from the International Space Station. Scott continues to garner media exposure like no other pioneer of our time.

    The historic mission also included NASA's Twins Study, monitoring Scott from space and Mark on the ground, in an unprecedented experiment to understand how space affects the human body.

    With candid reflections on the experiences and lessons that shaped their views on teamwork and leadership, overcoming adversities and dealing with tragedy, and personal strategies for harnessing courage and adapting to change, Mark and Scott deliver twice the insight and inspiration in a one-of-a-kind presentation.

    Coming in fall 2017, Scott’s widely anticipated memoir, Endurance: My Year in Space and Our Journey to Mars, will feature his life and career experiences, including exclusive commentary from Mark, and was recently optioned by Sony Pictures.

    Dr. Kelly McGonigal

    Health Psychologist and Lecturer at Stanford University

    For many of us, the day can seem like a long series of willpower battles: I’m trying to stay focused on this project, but I keep checking my email. I’m trying to work out more, but I can never get myself to the gym. And I swear this will really be my last cigarette . . . OK, this will. Maybe just one more.

    Meanwhile, in the workplace, we clutch at our willpower to support us through deadlines, meetings, customer demands, and the thousand little stresses of our jobs. But the harder we try to keep things together, the harder it gets to work at the highest level, make good long-term decisions, and hold ourselves to our professional goals.

    What if we told you that you could train your willpower? That most of us misunderstand willpower and actually hurt ourselves the more we strive for discipline? What if we told you someone with both science and sensitivity could map out for you a path through the maze of wants and wills—and guide you to a more empowered life?

    Kelly’s insights have already changed the lives of hundreds of students in her Stanford University course, The Science of Willpower, and with her book The Willpower Instinct. This exciting book collects the latest findings in psychology and neuroscience to explain the evolutionary and cognitive basis of willpower and the steps we can take to harness it.

    In her book The Upside of Stress: Why Stress Is Good for You, and How to Get Good at It, Kelly delivers a startling message: Stress isn’t bad. She highlights new research indicating that stress can make us stronger, smarter, and happier if we learn how to embrace it.

    Dr. Ronan Tynan

    Irish Tenor, Paralympic Champion, and M.D.

    Irish Tenor Dr. Ronan Tynan is a modern-day Renaissance man. Raised on a dairy farm in Kilkenny, Ireland, his personal story of triumph and his impassioned singing inspires audiences. A natural-born storyteller and gifted with humor, Ronan empowers audiences to overcome adversity, take risks, and achieve peak performance.

    Born with a lower-limb disability, Ronan was “as wild as a March hare” as a young man, riding horses and racing motorcycles. While the first disabled student admitted to the National College of Physical Education in Limerick, Ronan suffered complications from an auto accident, resulting in his legs being amputated at age 20. Just weeks after the operation he was climbing the steps of his college dorm. Within a year he was winning gold medals in the Paralympics. Between 1981 and 1984 Ronan amassed 18 gold medals and set 14 world records.

    Following a dream, Ronan pursued medical school at Trinity College. During his residency as a physician specializing in orthopedic sports injuries, at the age of 33, he began formal voice study. With encouragement from his colleagues he not only entered Go for It, a televised BBC singing competition, but won! Selected to be a member of the Irish Tenors, Ronan was introduced to international audiences and has become known for his unique voice and irresistible appeal.

    Acting on his mother’s advice, Ronan went on to launch a solo career. He has achieved success that could have only existed in the farthest reaches of his dreams. He continues to tour with the Irish Tenors and as a solo artist. He is the Alltech Artist in Residence at the University of Kentucky Opera Theatre and is one of the most sought after motivational speakers.

    Here are just a few of the topics and speakers you can take in:

    'Mind The Gap: We're Losing The Ability To Think,' Dan Pontefract, TELUS

    'Practicing Strengths-Based Coaching,' Tracy Hutton, The Marcus Buckingham Company

    'Engaging Learning Experiences for Improved Overall Talent Development,' Fernando Sanchez-Arias, The Home Depot; Jay Steinfeld, Global Custom Commerce , a Home Depot Company

    'Make Powerful Infographics Fast!,' Mike Parkinson, Billion Dollar Graphics

    'Improvisational Innovation: Small Behaviors for Big Change,' Karen Hough, ImprovEdge

    '#LeadLikeAGirl: How Women Ignite their Impact in the Workplace,' Tacy Byham, Development Dimensions International

    'Avoiding the Top Training Evaluation Pitfalls,' Wendy Kirkpatrick, Kirkpatrick Partners

    'How to Keep (and Increase) your Learning and Talent Development Budget,' Jack Phillips, ROI Institute

    'The Neuroscience of Teams,' Britt Andreatta, 7th Mind Inc.

    'Neuroscience and HR,' David Rock, NeuroLeadership Institute

    'Activators: How to Make Learning Stick,' Sebastian Bailey, Mind Gym Inc.

    'Using Neuroscience to Learn Your Triggers/Biases for Psychological Safety,' Daniel Radecki and Phil Dixon, The Academy of Brain Based Leadership

    'Creative Learning Strategies: 17 Ways to Get More Into and Out of Your Training,' Bob Pike, CTT Newsletters, LLC

    'One Minute Mentoring: How to Find and Work with a Mentor,' Ken Blanchard; The Ken Blanchard Companies; Claire Diaz-Ortiz, Clkaire Diaz-Ortiz

    'How to Bridge a Culture Chasm,' Joseph Grenny, VitalSmarts

    '101 Quick Ideas to Expand Learning Beyond Your Classroom,' Elaine Biech, Ebb Associates, Inc.

    'Nurturing Creativity: Inspired by Blockbuster Creators in Entertainment,' Catherine Lombardozzi, Learning 4 Learning Professionals

    'Let Them Choose: Cafeteria Style Learning for Adults,' Jillian Douglas, Idea Learning Group

    'Secrets of Successful Simulations,' Ethan Edwards, Allen Interactions Inc.

    'Lead with a Story - 7 Strategies for Telling Stories That Inspire, Influence and Engage,' Doug Stevenson, Story Theater International

    Learning Trends, Hype, Disrupters & Shifts in 2017,' Elliott Masie, The Learning CONSORTIUM

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