Birkman Koçluk Raporu -Coaching to Birkman Patterns

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  • Birkman Koçluk Raporu ve koçluk hizmeti - Coaching to Birkman Patterns

    Kendinize ilk ayapcağınız Birkman yaşam haritası ve davranış bileşeni raporunuzu buradan alabilrsiniz. 

    İçinde koçluk yetkinlikleri analizi vardır. 


    qReview component definitions and common relationships between them

    qExplore simple component combinations linked to specific issues

    qUnderstand behavioral patterns associated with typical core competencies

    qDiagnosing and applying behavioral patterns encountered in the coaching engagement

    Component Combinations linked to Coaching Issues

    qYou can combine any number of components

    qEasiest to start with two and build into more complex patterns

    qUse Components Links page to provide initial guidance to connect issues with scales

    qCombinations do not qualify behaviors that are seen as good or effective

    • Appropriate behaviors will be defined by the culture of the organization

    Complex Component Combinations

    qHumans are complex so many times items can not be addressed by looking only at one or two components


    qThere is no definitive map of patterns that exist; most come from personal or shared experiences


    qCompetencies are a good place to start drawing the connection between Birkman and the demands of the work environment


    qUnlike the simple combinations, complex patterns allow for the influence of perceptual filters to get a more robust picture of what is driving behaviors

    Diagnostics and Application

    Applying Combinations in the Coaching Engagement

    qAnalyze respondents verbal statements – use active listening and appreciative inquiry

    qIsolate issues and look for triggering factors as well as causation

    qAssess situations or issues and break them down into core elements

    qApply Birkman patterns matching the issues

    qDetermine if Usual Behavior or Needs are the influencing factor or a combination of both

    qBase prescriptive on analysis

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