Would It Be All Right if Coaching Got Easier?

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  • Would It Be All Right if Coaching Got Easier?

    As a coach you look for ways to help clients be successful, especially during times when they seem to struggle as they go for their goals.

    ....At the same time, you want to leave your coaching sessions refreshed instead of worn out. See how to help clients focus their energy and go
    beyond their discomforts to bring clarity, focus, ease, and grace to life. You want them to see that having you as their coach is a necessity rather than a luxury. These tools will help make that possibility a reality.

    Learn simple and effective ways to partner with your clients in bringing out their own natural creativity and brilliance. See how to bring more ease to coaching interactions, especially when the client is working on difficult tasks.

    Explore time-tested tools that are guaranteed to help clients focus upon goals that come alive with possibility and promise. See how to shift a client’s attention from worries and doubts to measurable results.

    What you can expect from this webinar:

    • How to enroll your clients into creating worthwhile goals, including those that have to do with being financially successful.
    • Why most people start to struggle as they work on goals – and what you as a coach can do about it.
    • How to “normalize” the self-limiting internal dialogues that are a natural part of taking action on something that is new or different.
    • A coaching assessment tool – The Life’s Intentions Inventory – that shows your client what is most important to him or her.
    • How the brain creates our experience of reality, and what this has to do with powerful coaching.
    • A coaching tool that empowers people’s sense of self-esteem and self-worth.
    • How to bring out the best in your clients, consistently and with ease.

    CCEUs: 8 CCE

    Online: Thursdays at 5-7 pm Pacific (two-hour sessions), March 17 ,24, 31 April 7, 2016

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